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  The company’s main products:
15——300t/d a complete set of flat-revolving leaching equipment of soybean oil, rapeseed oil, sunflower seed oil, rice oil and maize oil.
5——30t/d a complete set of tank group leaching equipment, with automatic rice-dreg release, low labor intensity and high safety coefficient.
0.5——15t/d a complete set of equipment of condensed phosphatide and fluid phosphatide.

YingKou Oil Leaching Equipment CO., LTD was set up in the year 1995, specialized in designing, manufacturing, installing and debugging complete set of vegetable oil leaching equipment and processing of fat equipment. It enjoys advanced processing equipment, complete test and quality management system, mature management know-how and professional production craft, and provides many fat production factories with exquisite fat processing equipment.
The company’s subordinate research center is mainly engaged in the research and development of craft and equipment of practical plant seed oil leaching, and is the member of China Oil Association. It will further its development of new-type produce processing equipment so as to meet the needs of the society and its customers.
In recent years, it has developed oil leaching craft and equipment of evening primrose seed, perilla seed, linseed, grape seed, melon seed, and iris sesame seed cake of fine particles with medical and healthcare effect and high added value. The first complete set of equipment of pre-processing, flat-revolving leaching, refining and dynamic freezing of evening primrose seed was completed within China, and more sets were completed. The products and equipment of some oil producers have been approved access into the EU market.
The company has conducted conscientious calculation and comprehensive revision of the power-providing, gas-providing and water-providing of traditional and conventional oil leaching factories, thus reducing power consumption by 15-20%, with a practical average rate of 8%-12%, considered as the lowest consumption craft by customers.

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